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They're back ! The extensive list of Heathkit Manuals and schematics are slowly being restored here and are present in two formats - p2p links , remote sites , and local links (held on this server).
Other sites where you can find Heathkit folders include
Heathkit Schematic and Manual Archive, www.mods.dk, http://www.radiomanual.eu/, and Schematics Unlimited. Italicized listings have been newly added this month.


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Heathkit 309-B probe (schematic)11
Heathkit 309-C probe (schematic)1
Heathkit 336 High voltage probe (schematic)  
Heathkit 336 High voltage probe (manual) 1
Heathkit 337-B Demodulator Probe (diagram) 1
Heathkit 337-C Demodulator Probe (manual) 1
Heathkit A-7B,C Audio Amplifier (schematic) 1
Heathkit A-7E Audio Amplifier (schematic)31
Heathkit A-9A Amplifier (schematic)3 
Heathkit AA-1 Audio Analyser (manual)  
Heathkit AA-100 Stereo Amplifier (schematic)31
Heathkit AA-11 Stereo Preamp (partial) 1
Heathkit AA-110 Cassette Tape Deck (schematic) 1
Heathkit AA-121 80W Amplifier (schematic)  
Heathkit AA-13 High Fidelity 14W Amplifier (schematic)  
Heathkit AA-14 Stereo Amplifier (Schematic) 1
Heathkit AA-151 Stereo Amplifier (assembly/operation manual)  
Heathkit AA-151 Stereo Amplifier (manual) 2
Heathkit AA-161S HiFi Amplifier (schematic) 1
Heathkit AA-1600 Right Amplifier Board (schematic)31
Heathkit AA-1640 Meter Accessory (schematic)  
Heathkit AA-181 25 Watt Mono Tube Amp (Manual) 1
Heathkit AA-21 Transistor Stereo Amplifier (schematic) 1
Heathkit AA-30 Stereo Amplifier (schematic) 1
Heathkit AC-1 Antenne Coupler (schematic) 1
Heathkit AC-11 MPX Channel Expander (schematic) 3 
Heathkit AD-110 High Fidelity Cassette Tape Deck (schematic)  
Heathkit AD-1305 - Audio Equalizer (schematic) 1
Heathkit AF-1 Audio Frequency Meter (schematic) 1
Heathkit AG-10 Sine-Square Wave Generator (manual) 2
Heathkit AG-8 Audio Generator (schematic)  
Heathkit AG-9A Audio Generator (schematic) 1
Heathkit AG-9U Audio Generator (schematic) 1
Heathkit AJ-1214  AM/FM Stereo Tuner (manual) 2
Heathkit AJ-14 FM Stereo Tuner (schematic) 1
Heathkit AJ-15 AM-FM Stereo Solid State Tuner (schematic)  
Heathkit AJ-1510A Digital FM Tuner (manual)  
Heathkit AJ-1600 AM-FM Digital Tuner (schematic)31
Heathkit AJ-41 Stereo Tuner (manual)  
Heathkit AJ-63 FM Tuner (schematic)  
Heathkit AM-1 Antenna Impedence Meter (schematic) 1
Heathkit AM-2 SWR Bridge (schematic) 1
Heathkit AN-10 Stereo Crossover (schematic) 1
Heathkit AO-1 Audio Oscillator (schematic) 1
Heathkit AR-1 Radiokit Alignment (schematic) 1
Heathkit AR-11 Radiokit Alignment (schematic) 1
Heathkit AR-14 FM Receiver (schematic) 1
Heathkit AR-15 Stereo Receiver (schematic)31
Heathkit AR-2 Communications Receiver (manual) 1
Heathkit AR-27 FM Receiver (schematic) 1
Heathkit AR-29 Am-Fm Stereo Receiver (schematic)31
Heathkit AR-3 Communications Receiver (manual) 1
Heathkit AR-3 Communications Receiver (schematic)  1
Heathkit AS-1363 Bookshelf Speaker System (schematic) 1
Heathkit AT-1 Amateur Transmitter (manual)  41
Heathkit AV-1 AC Voltmeter (manual)  
Heathkit AV-2 AC Voltmeter (schematic) 1
Heathkit AV-3 AC Voltmeter (schematic)  
Heathkit AV-3U Vacuum Tube Millivolt Meter (schematic) 1
Heathkit AW-1 Audio Wattmeter (schematic)31
Heathkit AW-1U Audio Wattmeter (schematic) 1
Heathkit B-1 Balun Coil (manual) 1
Heathkit BC-1A Broadband FM Tuner (schematic) 1
Heathkit BE-4 Battery Eliminator (schematic) 1
Heathkit BE-5 Battery Eliminator (schematic) 1
Heathkit BG-1 Bar Generator (schematic)  
Heathkit BR-1 Broadcast Receiver (Schematic) 1
Heathkit BR-2 Broadcast Band Receiver (schematic) 1
Heathkit BT-1 Battery Tester (manual)  1
Heathkit C-1 Condenser Checker (schematic) 1
Heathkit C-2 Condenser Checker (manual) 1
Heathkit C-3 Capacitor Checker (schematic) 1
Heathkit C-3U Resistance & Capacitance Bridge (schematic)  
Heathkit CA-1 Conelrad Alarm (schematic) 1
Heathkit CC-1 Tube Checker (schematic)  
Heathkit CI-1 Charge Indicator (schematic) 1
Heathkit CI-1020 Timing Light (schematic)  
Heathkit CI-1040 Deluxe Timing Light (schematic)  
Heathkit CI-1078 Digital MPG & MPH Meter (schematic)  
Heathkit CI-1080 Exhaust Gas Analyzer (schematic) 1
Heathkit CM-1 Capacity Meter (schematic) 1
Heathkit CR-1 Crystal Receiver (schematic)1
Heathkit CR-1000A Stereo Tuner & CRA-1000-1 Amplifier (schematic)  
Heathkit CS-1 Capacitor Substitution Box (manual)  
                                            Heathkit CT-1 Capacitor Tester (manual) 1
Heathkit DF-2 Transistor Radio Navigator (schematic) 
Heathkit DX-100 Transmitter (manual) 
Heathkit DX-100 Transmitter (schematic)  
Heathkit DX-20 Amateur Treansmitter (manual)    2
Heathkit DX-20 Amateur Treansmitter (schematic)    
Heathkit DX-35 Amateur Transmitter (manual)  
Heathkit DX-35 Amateur Transmitter (schematic) 
Heathkit DX-40 Amateur Transmitter (manual) 2
Heathkit DX-40U Amateur Transmitter (schematic)  
Heathkit DX-60A Phone and CW Transmitter (manual)  2
Heathkit DX-60B Transmitter (manual) 2
Heathkit EA-2 Hi Fi Amplifier (schematic)  
Heathkit EA-3 HI Fi Amplifier (schematic)  
Heathkit EC-1 Analog Computer (schematic)  
Heathkit EC-1O Analog Computer (schematic)  
Heathkit EC-1O Analogue Computer (user & service manual)  
Heathkit EF-1 Power Supply (schematic)  
Heathkit EK-1 Basic Electricity Course (manual)  2
Heathkit EK-2A Basic Radio Course (part 1) (manual)  2
Heathkit EK-2B Basic Radio Course (part 2) (manual)  2
Heathkit EK-3 Basic Electricity Course (part3) (manual)  2
Heathkit Et-3100 Electronic Design Experimenter (schematic)  
Heathkit ET-3200 Digital Design Experimenter (schematic)  
Heathkit ET-4200 Laser Trainer (schematic)  
Heathkit EU-14A AC Utility Amplifer {schematic)  
Heathkit EU-70A Dual Trace Oscilloscope (schematic)  
Heathkit EUP-26 Multimeter (schematic)  
Heathkit EUW-15 Universal Power Supply (schematic)  
Heathkit EUW-16 Voltage Reference Source (schematic)  
Heathkit EUW-17 Transistor Power Supply (Schematic)  
Heathkit EUW-19A Operational Amplifier System (schematic)  
Heathkit EUW-20A Servo Recorder (Schematic)  
Heathkit EUW-24 VTVM (schematic)  
Heathkit EUW-25 DC Coupled Oscilloscope (Manual)  
Heathkit EUW-25 DC Coupled Oscilloscope (schematic)  
Heathkit EUW-27 Sine-Square Wave Generator (schematic)  
Heathkit FD-1-6 Fuel Vapor Detector (schematic)  
Heathkit FM-1 FM Tuner (schematic)  
Heathkit FM-2 FM Tuner (schematic)  
Heathkit FM-3A FM Tuner (schematic)  
Heathkit FM-4 FM Tuner (schematic)  
Heathkit FM-4U FM Tuner (schematic)  
Heathkit G-5 Signal Generator (schematic)  
Heathkit GC-1 Mohican Receiver (schematic)  
Heathkit GC-1005 Electronic Clock (manual)  
Heathkit GC-1093 Digital Car Clock (schematic)  
Heathkit GC-1415 Quartz Clock-Timer (schematic)  
Heathkit GCA-1195-1 Electronic Clock Chimes (schematic)
Heathkit GD-1018 Light Dimmer (schematic)  
Heathkit GD-1157 Auto Alarm (schematic)  
Heathkit GD-1183 Freezer Failure Alarm (manual)  2
Heathkit GD-1190 Cointrack Metal Locator (schematic)  
Heathkit GD-125 Q Multiplier (schematic)  
Heathkit GD-1A Grid Dip Meter (manual)  
Heathkit GD-1B Grid Dip Meter (manual)  
Heathkit GD-39 Ultrasonic Intrusion Alarm (schematic)  
Heathkit GD-600-1 Photoelectric Switch (schematic)  
Heathkit GDA-1158-6 PLL Transmitter (schematic)  
Heathkit GDA-19-42 Proportional Servo (schematic)  
Heathkit GDA-3209-1 Garage Door Opener (schematic)  
Heathkit GP-11 Vibrator Power Supply (schematic)  
Heathkit GR-1290 Groundtrack VLF Metal Detector (schematic)  
Heathkit GR-151A Portable Transistor Radio (schematic)  
Heathkit GR-151B Portable Transistor Radio (schematic)  
Heathkit GR-54 HF Reciever (manual)  
Heathkit GR-64 Shortwave Receiver  (manual)  
Heathkit GR-78 General Coverage Receiver (manual)2
Heathkit GR-81 SWL Radio (manual)  
Heathkit GR-88 VHF-FM Monitor Receiver (manual)  2
Heathkit GR-91 General Coverage Receiver (manual)  2
Heathkit HA-10 Warrior Linear Amplifier (manual)  
Heathkit HD-10 Keyer (schematic)  
Heathkit HD-1224 Active Antenna (schematic)  
Heathkit HD-1410 Electronic Keyer (manual)  2
Heathkit HD-1416  Code Oscillator (manual)  
Heathkit HD-1418 Active Audio Filter (manual)  
Heathkit HD-1422 Antenna Noise Bridge (manual)   
Heathkit HD-1424 Active Antenna (manual)  
Heathkit HFT-9 QRP Antenna Tuner (manual)  
Heathkit HFT-9 QRP Antenna Tuner (schematic)  
Heathkit HM-10A Tunnel Dipper (schematic)  
Heathkit HM-11 SWR Bridge (schematic)  
Heathkit HM-2102 VHF Wattmeter (manual)  
Heathkit  HM-2103 RF Load Wattneter (manual)   
Heathkit HM-9 QRP Wattmeter (manual)  
Heathkit HN-31 Cantenna (manual)  
Heathkit HN-31 Cantenna (notes)  
Heathkit HO-10 Monitor Scope (manual).pdf  
Heathkit HP-1144 AC Power Supply (manual)  
Heathkit Hp-1144A AC Power Supply (schematic)  
Heathkit Hp-13A Dc Power Supply (Schematic)  
Heathkit HP-14 Transistorixed Mobile Power Supply (manual)  
Heathkit HP-23 AC Power Supply (manual)  
Heathkit HP-23A AC Power Supply (manual)  
Heathkit HP-23B AC Power Supply (manual)  
Heathkit HP-23B AC Power Supply (schematic)  
Heathkit HP-24 AC Power Supply (schematic)  
Heathkit HR-20 Mobile Receiver (manual)  
Heathkit HRA-10-1 Crystal Calibrator (schematic)  
Heathkit HW-10 Shawnee Transmitter (schematic)   
Heathkit HW-101 SSB Transceiver (manual) 
Heathkit HW-12 80M SSB Transceiver (manual) 
Heathkit HW-12A 75M SSB Traansceiver (manual) 
Heathkit HW-16 CW Transciever (manual)  
Heathkit HW-2 VHF FM Handheld Transceiver (manual)  
Heathkit HW-22 40M SSB Transceiver (schematic)   
Heathkit HW-22A 40M SSB Transceiver (manual)  
Heathkit HW-24T VHF/UHF FM Transceiver (owner) 
Heathkit HW-5400 HF SSB Transceiver (manual)  
Heathkit HW-5400 HF SSB Transceiver (user)  
Heathkit HW-7 Low Power CW Transceiver (manual)  
Heathkit HWA-7-1 Accessory Power Supply (schematic)  
Heathkit HW-8 Low Power CW Transceiver (manual)  
Heathkit HW-8 Low Power CW Transceiver (schematic)  
Heathkit HW-8 Low Power CW Transceiver (user)  
Heathkit HW-9 Deluxe QRP Transciever (manual)  
Heathkit Hw-10 Shawnee Transceiver (Schematic)  
Heathkit HX-11 Amateur Transmitter (schematic)  
Heathkit Hw-12A 75 Meter Ssb Transceiver (Manual)
Heathkit IB-1100 frequency Counter (manual)   
Heathkit IB-28 Impedance Bridge (manual)  
Heathkit IC-2100 Electronic Slide Rule (schematic)  
Heathkit ID-1290 Weather Station (schematic)  
Heathkit ID-1390 Digital Thermometer (schematic)  
Heathkit IG-1271 Function Generator (schematic)  
Heathkit IG-37 Stereo Generator (manual)   
Heathkit IG-4244 Precision Oscilloscope Calibrator (schematic)  
Heathkit IG-4505 Oscilloscope Calibrator (schematic)  
Heathkit IG-5280 RF Oscillator (schematic)  
Heathkit IM-1 Intermodulation Analyzer (schematic)  
Heathkit IM-17 Utility Solid-State Voltmeter (manual)  
Heathkit IM-18 VTVM (manual)
Heathkit IM-18 VTVM (schematic)  
Heathkit IM-2410 Frequency Counter (schematic)  
Heathkit IM-28U Valve Voltmeter (VTVM) (schematic)  
Heathkit IM-30 Transistor Tester (manual)  
Heathkit IM-4100 Frequency Counter (manual)  
Heathkit IM-5225-FET-Multimeter (manual)   
Heathkit IO-4510 Dual Trace Oscilloscope (schematic)   
Heathkit IO-4550 Dual Trace Oscilloscope (schematic)  
Heathkit IP-2700 Power Supply (schematic)  
Heathkit IP-2718 Tri-Power Supply (manual)  
Heathkit IP-2718 Tri-Power Supply (Schematic)  
Heathkit IP-2728 Regulated Power Supply (schematic)  
Heathkit IPA-5280 AC Power Supply (schematic)  
Heathkit IT-10 Transistor-Diode Checker (schematic)  
Heathkit IT-1121 Curve Tracer (schematic)  
Heathkit IT-121 FET-Transistor Tester (schematic)  
Heathkit IT-17 IT-21 IT-3117 Tube Tester (tube data)   
Heathkit IT-18 In-Circuit, Out-of-Circuit Transistor Tester (manual)    
Heathkit MI-18 Tachometer (schematic)    
Heathkit MI-31A Electronic Tachometer (schematic)  
Heathkit MR-21 Radio Direction Finder (schematic)  
Heathkit O-12-U Oscilloscope (manual)   
Heathkit OM-1 Oscilloscope (manual)  
Heathkit PK-1 Universal Scope Probe (schematic)  
Heathkit PK-3 RF Probe (manual)  
Heathkit PS-23 AC Power Supply (manual)  
Heathkit PS-3 HV Regulated Power Supply (schematic)  
Heathkit PT-1 Am-Fm Stereo Tuner (schematic)   
Heathkit QF-1 Q Multiplier (manual)   
Heathkit RC-1 Radiation counter (manual)  
Heathkit RF-1 RF Signal Generator (manual)  
Heathkit RF-1U Signal Generator (manual)  
Heathkit SA-2040 Antenna Tuner (manual)   
Heathkit RP-1065 Model Railroad Electronic Throttle (schematic)  
Heathkit SA-2060A Deluxe Antenna Tuner (manual)  
Heathkit SA-2060A Deluxe Antenna Tuner (Parts Diagrams) 
Heathkit SB-100 SSB Transceiver (schematic)  
Heathkit SB-101 SSB Transceiver (manual)  
Heathkit SB-102 SSB Transceiver (manual)  
Heathkit SB-104A Single Sideband Transceiver (manual)  
Heathkit SB-104A Single Sideband Transceiver (user)  
Heathkit SB-110A 6 Meter SSB Transceiver (manual) 
Heathkit SB-200 Linear Amplifier (manual)  
Heathkit SB-220 2KW Linear Amplifier (schematic)  
Heathkit SB-230 Linear Amplifier (schematic)  
Heathkit SB-301 Ssb Amateur Receiver (schematic) 
Heathkit SB-303 Solid-State Ssb Receiver (Alignment)  
Heathkit SB-401 SSB Transmitter (manual) 
Heathkit SB-500 2M Transverter (manual)  
Heathkit SB-610 Monitor Scope (manual)  
Heathkit SB-614 Monitor Scope (manual)  
Heathkit SB-614 Monitor scope (user)  
Heathkit SG-1271 Function Generator (manual)  
Heathkit SP-2 Stereo Preamplifier (schematic)  
Heathkit SP-2717A Regulated HV Power Supply (manual)  
Heathkit SS-9000 HF Synthesized Transceiver (user) 
Heathkit SS-9000 HF Synthesized Transceiver (service) 
Heathkit SW-717 Receiver (manual)  
Heathkit TA-16 Guitar Amplifier (schematic)  
Heathkit TC-2 Tube Tester (manual)  
Heathkit TCR-1 Transistor Clock Radio (schematic)  
Heathkit TS-3TV Signal Generator (schematic)  
Heathkit TT-1 Tube Tester (schematic)  
Heathkit TX-1 Apache Transmitter (user)  
Heathkit UT-1 Utility Power Supply (schematic)  
Heathkit UXR-1 Transistor Receiver (schematic)  
Heathkit UXR-2 Transistor Radio (schematic)  
Heathkit V-4A Vacuum Tube Voltmeter (manual)  
Heathkit V-6 VTVM (schematic)  
Heathkit V-7A VTVM (manual)  
Heathkit VF-1 Variable Frequency Oscillator (manual)  
Heathkit W-2 Williamson Audio Amplifier (schematic)  
Heathkit W-3AM Williamson Audio Amplifier (manual)  
Heathkit W-3M Williamson-Type Amplifier (manual)  
Heathkit W-5M High Fidelity Amplifier (manual)  
Heathkit W-7M 55-Watt Amplifier (schematic)  
Heathkit XC2 - 2 Meters Converter (schematic)  
Heathkit XC6 - 6 Meters Converter (manual)  
Heathkit XO-1 Crossover (schematic)  
Heathkit XR-2 - MW Transistor Radio (schematic)  
Miscellaneous Publications   
Heathkit 1963 Catalog  
Heathkit Components Cross Reference 2003  
Heathkit Tube Data  

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