I lack manual and/or schematic information for the following list of Heathkit products. If you know of existing links, or have scanned copies you are willing to share, please email me at heathinfo@n9god.com. I can handle any attachment except .exe and .djvu formats. These are excluded due to virus considerations. Please note: my complete index of available Heathkit data can be found HERE

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DC-1 / Decade Condenser any         
DR-1 / Decade Resistor any         
ES-100 / Analog Computer Initial Conditions any        
ES-151 / Analog Computer Relay Power Supply any        
ES-2 / Analog Computer Amplifier Power Supply any        
ES-50 / Analog Computer Reference Power Supply any        
ES-505 / Analog Computer Repetitive Oscillator any        
ES-600 / Analog Computer Function Generator any        
ID-1590E / Weather Monitor any        
IT-1 / Isolation Transformer any        
M-1 / Handitester any        
O-8 / Oscilloscope any        
PS-2 / Power Supply any        
QM-1 / Q Meter any         
RP-1 / Record Player any        
RS-1 / Resistor Substitution Box any        
S-2 / Electronic Switch any        
SG-7 / Signal Generator any        
SQ-1 / Square Wave Generator any        
T-3 / Visual-Aural Signal Tracer any        
TC-1 / Tube Tester any        
VC-2 / Voltage Calibrator any        

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